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4 Best Controller for Pubg Mobile in India [2020]

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 Gaming in smartphone leave me unsatisfying in compare to playing the game in pc or console, the main reason is because of touch.

Tapping and dragging buttons on the screen is a little bit slower and less convenient than pressing physical buttons and moving the mobile controller’s thumbsticks.

So for those who want to experience the best gaming for them, we summarised the list of best pubg mobile controller for android games like pubg, Fortnite, etc.

Gaming industries have developed very fast in the past few years as a result we can experience the console-quality gameplay on smartphones like pubg , cod mobile, and free fire.

Unlike CoD Mobile, which supports multiple popular controllers, PUBG Mobile support is still limited after two years of launch.

That being said, there are ways to improve the experience. Here’s everything you need to know about the best trigger controller for pubg mobile.

4 Best controller for pubg mobile in India [2020]

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Let start discussing the list of best pubg controller mobile india 2020

COOBILE PUBG Mobile Controller Key Grip Gaming Joysticks for Android iOS phone

Best controller for pubg mobile in India

it is very comfortable to hold and places my thumbs as if I was holding a real controller.

This is the one which may give you a chicken dinner and make you a pro player.

  • Does not interfere with the volume button, unlike others.
  • Its triggers are closer to the screen, so it allows you to shoot or aim more quickly.
  • Holds the phone very tightly.
  • It feels good in the hands
  • Compatible with Android and iOs phones
  • Very solid grip

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RPM Euro Games PUBG Trigger Mobile Gaming Controller

Best controller for pubg mobile in India

Play a mobile game with 4 fingers. The L1R1 buttons will help you improve your gaming experience. Made of quality material, very sensitive and accurate, avoid accidental shooting.

This is one of the best controllers for pubg mobile which definitely increases your killing ratio.

RPM Euro Games PUBG Mobile Gaming Controller feature

  • Scratch-resistant proof -“No” to scratches on the phone
  • It is a lightweight and stylish design
  • The trigger would allow you to shoot enemies without moving your fingers.
  • give an additional advantage when there is a Face-To-Face battle.
  • Play with 4 fingers
  • Increase shooting accuracy/speed
  • support on all mobile shooting games


  • Easy installation
  • product quality is good
  • Go for the best quality at this price. It is well worth the money.
  • It is durable
this controller is highly recommended for pubg mobile. it is the best one at a cheap price.

NOYMI Pubg Trigger Controller

Best controller for pubg mobile in India

NOYMI Pubg Trigger Controller feature

  • Very sensitive
  • it blends perfectly with the phone screen
  • allow 6-finger joysticks: keep the probes tiltable, shoot quickly.
  • provide a good strong grip
  • 4 triggers, 6-finger operation, more buttons, more advantages in the game.
  • it can be used without removing the case of the phone
  • Anti-slip Rubber Design protects your phone from the slip
  • you can play while charging your phone


  • easy to setup
  • cheap in price

ZORBES Mobile Game Controller Gamepad Trigger

Best controller for pubg mobile in India

ZORBES Mobile Game Controller Gamepad Trigger feature

  • Make sure it matches by entering your model number.
  • New Generation: Fortnite and PUBG Mobile game controller will take your gaming skills to the next level, simulating a game controller experience. You can aim and shoot everything at the same time!
  • Compatible Devices: Designed for iPhone and Android games, Pubg, Fortnite, Knives Out, Rules of Survival, Survivor Royale, Battle Royale, Critical Ops.
  • High Sensitivity: L1R1 Mobile Triggers are shoot and aim sensitive, require no power or controller, are easy to use and high precision, increase your game score.
  • Easy to Install – The mobile controller works with your bumper case on your phone, but most cases will have to be removed to use it like all other activators.


  • Item is durable
  • easy to use


list of best pubg mobile controller 2020 are discussed above if you have any recommendation please comment below on comment box

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