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Compare Logitech mk235 vs mk275 (2020)

Topic : comparison between logitech mk235 and mk275

Are you confuse between  Logitech mk235 and mk275?  which keyboard and mouse are best, which one you should buy.

Here we provide a Logitech mk235 vs mk275 which we help you decide which keyboard mouse combo is best for you.

Logitech mk235 vs mk275

Logitech mk235 vs mk275
  • Comparing the price and rating on amazon

According to price Logitech MK235 is a little bit cheaper than Logitech MK275 but Logitech MK235 has rating 3.7/5 by while Logitech mk275 has rating 4/5. so I suggest to go for Logitech MK275

  • Comparing weight

Logitech MK275 is lightweight than Logitech MK235 so if you frequently lift your mouse then Logitech mk275 will be best for you. if you like heavy mouse then Logitech mk235 is on for you.

  •  Comparing battery life

Logitech MK275  has up to 24 months of battery life for the keyboard and 12 months of mouse power without changing batteries.

Logitech mk235 has Up to 3 years of battery life for the keyboard and 1 year for the mouse.

So mk235 give good battery backup .

  •  Durability

Talking about durability  Logitech mk235 win this match. I feel mk235 a little bit more durable than Logitech mk275.

Technical comparison between Logitech mk235 and mk275

compare name



overall rating


689 g

299 g


2 AAA batteries for keyboard,1 AA battery for mouse required

4 AAA batteries required.

Warranty Detail

1 Year limited hardware warranty.

1 year limited hardware warranty


Easy to use

Value for money

buy now

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