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5 Best monitor for gaming under 10000 India 2020

Topic : Best monitor for gaming under 10000 India 2020 | buy on amazon

Are you wishing to buy the best monitor for gaming under 10000? Finding a good gaming monitor on your budget can be a tedious job for you honestly, and to make your job easier, we have summarized the best FHD monitors for less than ₹ 10,000.

In this pandemic, it will be a little difficult to go out on the market in search of the best monitor for your office or for your child.

In order to minimize your efforts and protect yourself from coronavirus, we have summarized the 5 best monitors in India 2020.

Consideration while buying the gaming monitor india 2020

  • The minimum refresh rate must be 60 Hz plus
  • Full HD or higher display
  • Game monitor supplied with AMD-sync (free sync) or Nvidia G-sync
  • HDMI plus VGA port (for future multi-game monitor configuration)
  • Response time

Here is the full list of top gaming monitors under your budget with a detailed guide in 2020.

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LG 21.5″ Full HD (1920 x 1080) Slim IPS Panel Monitor

LG 21.5″ Full HD (1920 x 1080) Slim IPS Panel Monitor

LG 21.5″ Full HD (1920 x 1080) Slim IPS Panel Monitor feature

  • 21:5″ Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS Monitor 178/178 Viewing Angle
  • 3 Side Borderless Slim Design
  • Color Calibrated Screen for accurate Color Reproduction
  • Connectivity: HDMI x 2, D-Sub, Headphone Out
  • Radeon Freesync for smooth Gaming action
  • Gaming Feature: Black Stabilizer, Dynamic Action Sync, Crosshair
  • Picture Model: Custom, Text, Photo, Cinema, Game
  • 3 Year Warranty Parts & Labor
  • consider to be best monitor for gaming under 10000

Detailed description

Full HD IPS Display

This monitor provides incredible detail and clarity of Full HD 1080p resolution and with In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology, you will experience quick response times, color rendering is improved, it allows users to see the screen in virtually any angle.

Virtually Borderless Design

The ultra-slim on three sides of this optimized display provides a virtually borderless viewing experience, with no distraction from the precise and beautiful image. An elegant addition to any office.

Smoother Gaming

  • it has Radeon FreeSync which reduces tearing and stuttering between the frame rate of a graphics card and the refresh rate of a monitor, which allows smoother movement and less stuttering in fast, demanding games.
  • Minimize lagging with Dynamic Action Sync so you can capture every moment in real-time.

Reader mode

It reduces blue light to help reduce eyestrain, reader mode provides optimal reading conditions. You can read your screen more comfortably with the click of a mouse.


  • Full HD IPS Display
  • it provides you smoother gaming with no lag
  • it has a reading mode to protect your eye
  • Color Calibrated Screen for accurate Color Reproduction
  • Gaming Feature: Black Stabilizer, Dynamic Action Sync, Crosshair
  • Easy to install

Overall it is a great monitor for a gamer, programmer or office worker it is highly recommended

HP 22fw Ultra-Thin Full HD 21.5-inch IPS Monitor

HP 22fw Ultra-Thin Full HD 21.5-inch IPS Monitor

HP Ultra-Thin Full HD 21.5-inch IPS Monitor

  • It gives brilliant visuals with the unforgettable quality with stunning FHD screen
  • ultra-wide viewing experience
  • eye-catching design and ultra-wide immersive viewing angles
  • it provides Anti-glare Panel
  • Easy Connectivity
  • it provides the reading mode
  • responsive gameplay it has syncing the refresh rate with your GPU, AMD FreeSync makes the screen stutter
  • less lagging

Detailed description

Full HD Display

Prepare for brilliant images , high quality and stunning FHD display.

Technicolor color certification, color accuracy is guaranteed every time.

Anti-reflective panel

Enjoy your favorite content with this anti-reflective panel. Non-reflective and not very bright, you will get less glare when outside.

Easy connectivity

VGA and HDMI ports to connect to all portable drives in no time. So no need to get tangled up with these extra cables every day.

Reading mode

Low blue light protect your eye

Packed with entertainment features

Discover the sharp, clear difference FHD resolution makes to all your content. And with AMD FreeSync, PC gaming is blur-free and lag-free.


  • Built lightweight
  • the ultra-slim display brings home a modern look and feels without the premium price tag
  • eye-catching aluminum design and immersive ultra-wide viewing angles.
  • Easy Connectivity and installation
  • provide responsive gameplay

Note: The monitor is surprisingly thin with a little less than 1 cm of thickness, the lower part which maintains the circuit is a little thicker but still much less than many other monitors. The resolution, clarity, and viewing angles are excellent and produce crisp, clear text and images.

BenQ 24-inch (60.5 cm) Eye Care Monitor

BenQ 24-inch (60.5 cm) Eye Care Monitor

BenQ 24-inch (60.5 cm) Eye Care Monitor feature

  • Screen size: 23.8 inches (60.4 cm) Full HD (1920 X 1080)
  • Edge-to-edge IPS panel
  • Connectivity port: 1 VGA port, 1 display port, 1 audio input port, 1 headphone port, 2 speakers (1 Watt each)
  • Aspect ratio: 16: 9, Brightness (typical): 250 cd / m²
  • Refresh rate: 60 Hz,
  • response time: 5 ms
  • Viewing angle: 178 degrees horizontal 178 degrees vertical
  • Flicker-free technology: Yes,
  • Low blue light technology: Yes

Detail description

Designed for simplicity, it has ultrathin glasses with hidden cable management. BenQ’s exclusive Eye-CareTM technology with Low Blue Light technology and flicker-free performance for enhanced viewing comfort, cutting-edge Brightness Intelligence technology delivers exquisite In the ideal combination of LED and IPS technology,

  • Elegant and ultimate sophistication
  • The premium texture engraving resists fine swirls with a luxurious touch.
  • The gracefully sculpted base profile eliminates foreign edges for a clean functional look.
  • it offers a visually spectacular edge-to-edge panel with ultra-thin bezels and a sleek profile
  • The invisible cable management system carefully hides all the wires inside the monitor stand for a crisp look.
  • IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology guarantees precise color and image reproduction from all angles.
  • Brightness Intelligence technology optimizes display performance for work and play, protecting your vision with superb image quality
  • Perfect image content optimization


  • The premium texture and luxurious touch.
  • Ultra-Slim Bezel Design
  • Picture Perfect Content Optimisation
  • Eliminate Eye Strain in Any Ambient Light
  • Flicker-Free Technology
  • Great color composition
  • A good collection of input options
  • Pocket friendly

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LG 24 inch Gaming Monitor 

LG 24 inch Gaming Monitor

LG 24 inch Gaming Monitor  feature

  • Screen Size: 24 inch (60.45 cm)
  • Full HD (1920 X 1080)
  • smoother Gameplay
  • Connectivity Port: 1 VGA Port, 1 HDMI Port, 1 Display Port, 1 Audio-Out Port, 1 Headphone Port
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9,
  • Brightness (Typical): 250 cd/m² ;
  • Refresh Rate: 75 Hz,
  • Response Time: 1 ms,
  • Input: 100~240Vac, 50/60Hz,
  • Surface Treatment: Anti-Glare
  • Viewing Angle: 178 degree horizontal 178 degree vertical
  • Flicker-Free Technology: Yes

Detail description

Full HD gaming with 1ms motion blur reduction
The Full HD screen with 1ms motion blur reduction allows gamers to enjoy the precision needed to play at a very high level.

With a response time of nearly 1 ms, blur and ghosting are reduced for smoother, more accurate action.

AMD FreeSync
FreeSync reduces the tearing and stuttering that occurs between the frame rate of a graphics card and the refresh rate of a monitor.

With FreeSync, players can experience smooth, fluid movements throughout their games.

Dynamic synchronization
Players can experience fast and optimized gameplay with Dynamic Action Sync.

Dynamic Action Sync is a feature that minimizes input lag to make gaming in RTS games more responsive.

Black stabilizer
Maintain visibility even in dark scenes. LG’s Black Stabilizer detects dark scenes and helps make them brighter so you can find enemies that are hiding and waiting to attack your player in the dark.

Game mode
Configure your game mode to optimize and customize your game conditions.

There are 3 game modes, 2 first-person shooting modes, and even a preset RTS mode so you can choose the best mode for you and the game you play.

All this feature of LG 24 inch gaming monitor makes it best monitor for gaming under 10000 .


  • Very beautiful elegant design
  • anti-reflective coating is effective
  • actual response time is 5 ms
  • great for gaming
  • value for money product
  • Good 75hz monitor nice for CSGO etc.
  • Ips Panel,viewing angle are great

Great for gaming if you are searching for gaming purpose this is highly recommended

Samsung 23.5 inch (59.8 cm) LED-Backlit Computer Monitor

Samsung 23.5 inch (59.8 cm) LED-Backlit Computer Monitor

Samsung 23.5 inch (59.8 cm) LED-Backlit Computer Monitor feature

  • scree size is 23.2 inch
  •  Full HD (1920 x 1080) curved VA panel 
  • Immersive Viewing Experience with Curved Screen
  • Ultra-slim Design
  • Advanced Gaming Experience with AMD FreeSync
  • Eye Saver Mode
  • Brilliant Picture Quality


  • brigthtness is good
  • picture quality is great
  • support anti glare
  • good for gaming


Hope this list of 5 best gaming monitor fit in your budget. if I missed any monitor to add in the list then you can comment on the comment box so that I can add it to the list of top gaming monitors to make this list perfect.