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Mi Air Charge wireless charging device launch date India 2020

Xiaomi presented this Friday its new wireless charging technology “ Mi Air Charge ”. Its specialty is that the user will not need cables, pads or wireless charging bases to charge the device. The company claims that with the help of this technology, the device can be charged from several meters away, although there are many obstacles in between. As of yet, the company has given no explanation for its launch.

 Mi Air Charge wireless charging device launch date India 2020

For this, the company has created a special charging stack.
For the Mi Air Charge technology, Xiaomi created a charge cell containing around 144 antennas that converts the millimeter wave signal emitted by the charging battery into electrical energy through the rectifier circuit, to actually convert the scientific charging experience.

launch plans for now India 2020

Currently, the company has introduced this technology as a concept. Xiaomi provided information through a social network account, this year it will not be provided in any product. At this time, it has also not been confirmed whether the company has sought regulatory approval for the new wireless charging technology

To do this, Xiaomi uses its brand’s technological infrastructure, so the smartphone will need a built-in beacon antenna and a receiving antenna to charge the technology. The beacon antenna transmits the location of the phone. The receiving antenna converts the millimeter wave from the load cell into electrical energy.

Device charged at a time

Currently only one device will be charged at a time .The technology initially supports 5W remote charging to charge a single device within a range of several meters. However, the company says it will also add support for multiple devices, so multiple devices will get 5-watt support.

The company has currently introduced this new smartphone technology, although it will also be added to other smart home and wearable products in the future, including smartwatches, bracelets, speakers, and phones. Desk lamps.

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