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Best Sports to Bet on in India

Sports betting in India can be considered a truly national pastime, as so many people in this vast country love to bet on various competitions. That is why more and more users are downloading Parimatch apk to have access to their favourite entertainment at any convenient moment! 

If you live in India and have never tried betting on sports, we will tell you about the most popular disciplines and peculiarities of this activity. 

Popular Sports in the Parimatch App

The peculiarity of betting in India is that now in the catalogue of Parimatch app you will find not only sports popular in the local culture, but also the most high-profile events of the international sports scene. Exotic sports such as cricket, horse racing, football, field hockey and kabaddi are now of most interest to local bettors.

Each of these sports is represented by a wide variety of leagues and tournaments of international proportions. We recommend that you choose projects that offer the widest possible betting line with high odds to get the most value for your bets. You can also try different markets for a new experience in a familiar hobby.

If one single sport is to be singled out from those available after downloading the Parimatch apk, cricket is the most popular among bettors from India. The audience not only follows the course of international competitions, but also engage in this sport themselves. Therefore, to some extent, cricket can be considered a national pastime. 

But the real cultural phenomenon in the sports life of bettors from India is field hockey. According to the Parimatch app catalogue, users have a huge interest in this unique sport. Every year, thousands of tournaments are organised in the country to crown the best team in this discipline. Therefore, teams of betting sites and apps place a special emphasis on field hockey when they form offers and betting lines in their catalogues. This is largely a merit of the national team, which consistently shows excellent results during their performances at the world championships. 

Next, we will look at the most popular sports in India and their betting features in a little more detail. 

Cricket Betting

Best Sports to Bet on in India

Modern cricket is a team sport that has a huge number of fans. Due to the fact that the competition takes place all year round, the betting options offer some really interesting options. Today you can bet on the following markets: 

  • Total Result – a particular team’s win during the match; 
  • Double Chance – the opportunity to make two alternative predictions on the overall result to reduce the risks of losing; 
  • Handicap – a prediction on the gap in the result between the winning and losing team; 
  • Totals – a prediction on the number of runs per match or its segment, which can be either total for both teams or individual for each team; 
  • Player Statistics – bet on the performance of a particular athlete with the number of wounds or goals during the competition;  
  • Match statistics – a prediction on the number of run outs or a guess on the method of destroying the first wicket.

As you can see, you need to have a good understanding of the specifics of cricket so that your approach to betting is as informed as possible.

Field Hockey

Back in 2020, the Indian national team beat a team from the Netherlands, which led to a real surge of interest in field hockey, and consequently, betting on the sport. 

The competition now looks like this: two teams of 11 players meet on an artificial turf pitch, where instead of the traditional sticks and pucks, they use sticks with twisted hooks and a ball slightly larger than a billiard ball. The game covers two halves of 35 minutes, and the main goal of each team is to score a goal into the other team’s goal.

It is noteworthy that only two substitutions of players are allowed during the competition, unlike traditional hockey. Therefore, the player statistics market is very popular here. 


This sport is a traditional Indian entertainment. But despite this, betting on this discipline can be quite challenging for users with little experience. We recommend you to start with the markets: 

  • Total score – as there is rarely a draw in kabaddi; 
  • Over or Under – comparing the gap between the results of both teams with the user’s guess. 

Discover unique sports betting markets in India!

Benefits of Downloading Parimatch App

Today, Parimatch app is one of the most advantageous mobile programmes for comfortable betting in India. Users choose the project because of a number of advantages that the project gives them. Let’s take a look at its main pros for local bettors. 

User-Friendly Interface 

Even users with little betting experience will quickly understand how the key features work after downloading the Parimatch apk. The pleasant design and intuitive navigation will make the process of interacting with the app as simple and convenient as possible. Therefore, you will quickly move on to testing the features of this unique application. 

One of the features of the Parimatch app in India is the adaptation of the app content to different dialects of the Indian language – Hindi, Telugu, Bangla and Marathi. All important sections of the app are displayed on the start screen in the format of a smartly organised menu. 

Welcome Bonuses 

All new users will have the opportunity to activate a unique bonus, available immediately after downloading Parimatch apk. The size of the reward for sports betting is 150%, which you can get immediately after the first deposit. In total, the user can count on an additional payout of up to 30,000 INR, as well as 250 free bets. The main thing – don’t forget to activate the promo code during the account registration process.  

Live Betting

Thanks to the developers, users can not only watch live streaming of competitions directly in the application, but also bet on the course of the match. There are plenty of interesting markets on your favourite sports, as well as the highest possible odds. In the Parimatch app catalogue you will find a large number of unique options, and you will also be able to withdraw funds at any time if you are not sure of your prediction. 

Remember that the live mode is more suitable for users with more experience in betting, who have a good understanding of the main principles of their chosen game.