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Tagg Inferno vs Boat Rockerz 255: Comparison and Review

TOPIC: Tagg Inferno vs Boat Rockerz 255: Comparison and Review

Nowadays earphone has become our basic need of every day for those who attend many meeting throughout a day. These people need the best earphone that did not hurt ear after long use.

There are many brands in the market but choosing one earphone brand out of it become a little bit difficult, so here comparison of two earphones come in mind which make things easier for you

In this article we are going to compare  TAGG Inferno and boAt Rockerz 255.

After reading this article you can decide which earphone is better for your tag or boat.

Both earphone tag inferno and boat rockerz 255 are priced under 1500 rs and offer different features so we will be comparing TAGG Inferno and boAt Rockerz 255 on various factors like sound quality, design, bass, and will compare feature both offer.

TAGG Inferno vs boAt Rockerz 255

Boat rockerz vs Tagg inferno


Comparing the price tagg inferno is a little bit cheaper than boat rockerz 255 and also tagg is lighter than boat.

Design and fit

Both earphones are well designed and has good built quilty.

Boat rockerz 255 comes with extra pair of ear tips so check which one gives you a good fit. On the other hand tagg inferno also come with extra pair of ear tips. So check which one gives you a good fit before you use them they are very well made. Overall both earphone has a good fit.

 But if boat rockerz 255 will good to use while exercising, running etc as it has an IPX5 rating which resists water flash and sweat while on other hand tag inferno come with an IPX4 rating so if you want earphone, especially for exercise and running purpose the boat rockerz 255 is highly recommended.

Sound quality

Talking about sound quality, boat rockerz 255 has fine and crisp voice quality

Both earphones have good sound quality but if you are a bass lover and like to hear a song with good bass then boat rockerz 255 is highly recommended as it has better bass than tag inferno.

Battery backup

Talking about the battery backup tagg inferno has better battery life than boat rockerz 255. Tagg inferno offers 7 hour of playback time and 150 hours of standby time while boat rockerz 255 offer 6 hours of playback time and 150 hours of standby time. If you need earphone which has a little longer battery life then Tagg inferno will be the right choice for you.

Boat Rockerz 255 vs Tagg inferno: Comparison and Review

 Specification Boat rockerz 255  Tagg Inferno
 Mic 1 mic  1 mic
 Driver type Dynamic  Dynamic
 Special Features Wireless; sports_&_fitness Earhook
 IPX Rating IPX5 IPX4
 Operating rangeUp to 10 metres / 30 Feet Up to 10 metres / 30 Feet
 Playback time 6 hours  7 hours
 Charging time 1.5 Hours  2 Hours
 Standby time 150 hour 150 hour
 Bluetooth version v4.1  v4.1
 Item Weight 26 gram 25 gram

Final verdict

So we have compared in detail TAGG Inferno vs boAt Rockerz 255, you can now able to choose you earphones which fit for you. If you like bass then go for boat rockerz 255 while if you need earphones with good battery life and cheaper in price then go for Tagg inferno.