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Boat Rockerz 255 Pro Plus Review and Buyer Guide India 2021

Topic : Boat Rockerz 255 Pro Plus Review and Buyer Guide India 2021

Boat company spreading its market very rapidly in India. Now it becomes one of the most popular brands in India. Demand for its audio product increasing day by day in the Indian market.

So here is the great news for boat lover, boat has recently launched a new neckband wireless earphone boat rockerz pro plus which is priced at Rs 1499. Customers can buy it through its official website or on online stores like amazon or on Flipkart.

Many people are confused about which one they should buy boat rockerz 255 or rockerz 255 pro plus. So in this article, we will review boat rockerz 255 pro plus and compare it with boat rockerz 255. Let’s see which is better and worth buying between these two earphone

We are going to review boat rockerz 255 pro plus on the basis of it sound quality, design, connectivity, and its battery backup.

Boat rockerz 255 pro plus review


Boat rockerz 255 pro plus review

Boat rockerz 255 pro plus has Bluetooth v5.0  and you can able to connect your Bluetooth device at a range of 10 meters. it is also compatible with android and ios devices. 

It comes with IPX7  and sweat resistance that means its water resistance you need not to worry if it get wet in water or with your sweat while doing exercise.

The earphone has 1 mic so you can pick the call and it also supports Siri and google assistance. It has 10mm driver and cvc call noise cancellation technology for clear and loud sound.

It has 300 mah battery which give up to 40 hour of playback time and it supports fast charging, so if you charge it for 10 minutes it will give 10 hours of playback time at a volume of 60%.

Design and built quality

Boat rockerz 255 pro plus review

The built quality is nice and well design which is suitable for everyone. it is lightweight and made up of plastic. It carry three-button i.e multifunction button,2 volume button with which you perform a different operation.

To switch on the earphone press and hold the multifunction button for 3 to 4 second.  To pause/play the music you need to tab once the multifunction button. You can able to increase and decrease its volume by the volume button given.

You can answer and reject calls by pressing and holding the multifunction button. It will automatically enter into pairing mode as soon as it is on and a flash led light of red and blue starts blinking, once it gets paired with a Bluetooth device it stops blinking.

You get a type c charging cable to charge the earphone and it get quickly charge as it support fast charging. The earphone is quite durable and really tough and lightweight.

The Rockerz 255 Pro + boat has been introduced in three color variants which are Active Black, Navy Blue and Teal Green.

Sound quality

Talking about sound quality , it is quite loud  and sound is crisp and clear even at high volume.

The bass is excellent, if you are the person who loves to hear song at high bass then you will definitely go na love this boat rockerz 255 pro plus at it has balance bass at a volume of 60-70%.

It has cvc noise cancellation which works perfectly. The audio is clear while listening to the call.

While playing a game like pubg its audio delayed but while watching movies, a song on youtube I didn’t notice any delay it works perfectly and the sound is loud and clear.

Battery backup

Boat rockerz 255 pro plus review

It comes with 300mah battery which gives 35 to 37 hour of playback time. The battery is long-lasting very few earphones give up to 40 hours of playback time at this price range. It also supports fast charging, so if you charge it for 10 min then it can easily give you 8 to 10 hours of playback time.

If the earphone battery is low then it will give you a reminder every minute of low battery. And as soon as you connect the earphone for charging a steady red light appear as an indication.


  • it supports dual pairing
  • it has IPX7
  • good sound quality and bass
  • Good battery backup (up to 35 to 37 hour of playback time)
  • Reasonable price
  • Good built quality
  • support fast charging ( 10 min charged = up to 10 hours of playback time)


  • sound distorts a little bit at high volume

Comparing boat rockerz 255 pro plus and rockerz 255 which is better

The boat rockerz 255 pro plus give 40 hours of playback time while boat rockerz 255 give 4-5 hour of playback time so if you are traveler then boat rockerz 255 pro plus is very useful for you. you can carry it anywhere without worry of getting battery discharge.

If you are a music lover then both earphone has same sound loudness and sound clarity but rockerz 255 pro plus has good bass over rockerz 255.

 The boat rockerz come with IPX7 while the rockerz 255 come with IPX5 but rockerz 255 is cheaper than rockerz 255 pro plus


boat rockerz 255 pro plus

boat rockerz 255

IPX rating



Driver type



Driver size



frequency response



battery capacity

300 mah


playback time

40 hour

6 hour

charging time

60 min

60 min

standby time

150 hour

150 hour

bluetooth version



Item Weight

26 gram

26 gram

Final Verdict

If you are searching an earphone under 1500 then rockerz 255 pro plus will be the best choice because at this price no other earphones come with a battery backup of 40 hours and dual pairing with cvc noise cancellation. so I hope this review of boat rockerz 255 pro plus help you choose your best earphone under your budget.

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