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Boat Rockerz 255 vs Mivi Thunder Beats: which is better

Topic : Boat rockerz 255 vs mivi thunder beats which is better

Are you confuse between boat rockerz 255 vs mivi thunder beats? here we are providing a comparison between boat rockerz 255 and mivi thunder beats to help you out in considering the best earphone for you.

Comparing between boat rockerz 255 and mivi thunder beats

Boat Rockerz 255 vs Mivi Thunder Beats

Taking about there build quality and fitness

Both have good build quality but if we have to choose one between these two earphone then mivi thunder beat has good built quality than boat rockerz 255.

Mivi thunder beats come with extra pair of eartips so check with one gives you a good. On the other hand boat rockerz 255 also come with an extra pair of eartips. So check which one gives you a good fit before you use them they are very well made. overall I am very happy with the fit and both earphones should work well for people who are into sports.

Mivi thunder beats look premium has got magnets we can lock when you are not using which is good as you won’t lose them, while boat rockerz 255 also have a magnetic hook it also have good design with a premium look.

Mini thunderbeats giving a comfortable fit and you can also take calls as it comes with mic and dedicated button to take calls as well as you can play and pause with the same button you can change the tracks with the volume keys.

Boat rockerz 255 also comes with a mic and has inline controls with which you can change volume, skip tracks, attend calls, and activate voice-activated smartphone assistants Alexa, Siri, Google Now, or Cortana.

Taking about weight

Talking about weight mivi thunder beats is a little lightweight than boat rockerz 255 so if you like lighter earphone then mivi will be a good choice for you.

Comparing battery backup

Mivi thunder beats charging time it takes about 2 hours to fully charge  earphone and should last for 5 hour when you use it at maximum volume but if you use it on lower volume let’s get 75% of the volume that you should get about six to seven hours of playback time which is impressive in my opinion .

While on the other hand boat rockerz 255 also has good battery life it also gives 6-7 hours of playback time on a single charge. So if you searching for an earphone with good battery life you can go for anyone of these earphones.

Comparing sound quality

The sound quality if you are love bass and then you will absolutely love boat rockerz 255 because these earphones are amazing when it comes to bass and you will get the thumping based on these earphone’s so go for it.  But if you like to listen to lot of music which has for the vocals mainly then mivi thunder beats earphones are the best choice for you. but if you are a base and then definitely go for boat rockerz 255

ComparisonBoat rockerz 255Mivi thunder beats
Image boat rockerz 255 review mivi thunder beats
Battery backupPlaytime of 6 hoursPlaytime of 6-7 hours
ResistanceIPX5 waterproof and sweatproofSweatproof
Battery 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required; 110 mAHLithium Polymer ; 120 mAh
Warranty1-year warranty from the date of purchase 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
Weight26 g ( little heavier than mivi thunderbeat)18g lighter weight 
Price₹ 1,469.00₹ 1,299.00
Product Dimensions35 x 2 x 2.5 cm10.6 x 1.6 x 4.2 cm
Sound quality4.5/54.5/5
Bluetooth connectivity4.5/54.5/5
Bass quality5/54.5/5


I am really impressed with the build quality and looks of these earphones and you get amazing battery life with these earphone so yeah that’s my take on the boat rockerz 255 and mivi thunder beats . if you want bass then go for boat rockerz 255 if you look for vocal clear voice then you can go for mivi thunder beats.

What is good boat or mivi?

Both TWS headphones also have very good audio quality and very good clarity. The ups and downs are very clear. BoAt earphone has very rich bass while mivi has very clear highs. Across the audio comparison, both headphones have a tie.

Is mivi better than boAt?

Both of these in-ear headphones work great for the price and offer excellent sound quality. If you are a bass fanatic then go for the boAt earphone and if you like a more balanced sound output the mivi earphone will do just fine.