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Ptron Bassbuds Vista Review is it really worth buying in 2021?

Topic : ptron bassbuds vista review

Recently electronic company ptron launched ptron bassbuds vista in India. So here we are going to review ptron bassbuds vista.

We will be reviewing this earphone on three-factor i.e design, battery, sound quality. Let’s find out is it really worth buying earphones under 1500.

ptron Bassbuds Vista and Bassbuds Pro Price

Bassbuds Vista earbuds are priced at Rs 1,299 . ptron BassBuds Vista earbuds comes in four color option Black, Gray, Blue and White color  you can purchase it from ecommerce website like amazon or flipkart.

Ptron Bassbuds Vista Review

Ptron Bassbuds Vista Review

Ptron Bassbuds Vista Specification

Bassbuds vista have Bluetooth 5.1 which makes connectivity quick. This earphone comes with IPX4 rating. This means that it is sweat-proof and splash resistant so you can use it while working out. It has nano-coating which protects the earbuds from getting damage from water.

 Apart from this, it has 10mm drivers which provide for great sound . Talking about its battery , the earbuds  have a 40mAh battery, while the charging case has a 400mAh battery.

The weight of earbuds is 4 grams each so it is so lightweight that you can wear it for a longer period of time. It comes with an inbuilt mic for HD calling.

Here the most important part it comes with  5W Qi Wireless Charger. Apart from this, earphones have the facility of Google-Siri voice assistant to touch control

Design and built quality

Ptron Bassbuds Vista Review

The built quality of earbud is really nice. I really like the design of the earbud. it is a very sleek and stylish design and the case comes with a leather-look top which gives it a premium look.

You will fall in love while looking at it because of it killer design. it is lightweight so you can wear it whole day.

To power on you need to just take it out of the case its power automatically gets on and automatically starts pairing with Bluetooth device.

You can activate voice assistance by clicking thrice on the left earbud. You can look into its manual which is provided with earphones to perform a different operations.


Talking about its battery it comes with 40mah battery on each earbuds while the  charging case has 400 mah battery capacity. It take 1-2 hour of to charge the case.

On a single charge, it gives 3-4 hours of playback time. Battery backup is decent but not excellent as compared with other earbuds at this price range.

To charge the earbud just put it into the charging case it will start charging and the red light glows as an indication. To charge the case you can connect it with USB provided with it.

Sound quality

It has good sound quality at lower volume but audio get little bit distorted at

full volume. Talking about the bass it has decent bass at 70% of volume. The voice during call is crisp and clear very satisfactory sound.

The only downside is it bass and sound quality at high volume .


  • good design
  • good built quality
  • come with  5W Qi Wireless Charger
  • lightweight
  • decent sound quality


  • bass is not good at higher volume
  • decent battery backup

Comparing  ptron bassbuds vista vs boat rockerz 255 pro plus

 We comparing ptron bassbuds vista with boat rockerz 255 pro plus to get a better understanding of which is worth buying earphones under 1500 rupees.

Talking about battery backup the boat rockerz 255 pro plus give you 35 to 37 hours of playback time on a single charge while ptron bassbuds vista gives you upto 4 hours of playback time so if you need earphones which last long then you can go for boat rockerz 255 pro plus .

The sound quality and bass of boat rockerz 255 pro plus is much better than patron bassbud vista at a higher volume. But if looking for good design earphone then you can prefer ptron bassbuds vista.

Boat rockerz 255 pro plus review is it worth buying 2021?

Final verdict

While reviewing ptron bassbud vista we found that it has decent sound quality and battery backup. It has a good design and built quality , you must give a try it once.

But you are searching best sound quality and battery backup earphones under 1500 then you must take a look on one of our review of boat rockerz 255 pro plus.

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